Friday, September 23, 2011

New design: Eliza Flutter Dresses

What beautiful weather we are having in Brisbane at the moment!  Sunshiney skies and light breezes to cool the days down - such perfect beach weather.
With summer in the air, I recently designed a new style and it has been flying out the door!  The Eliza Flutter is a cool, carefree design which is an easy pull-on, pull-off dress for girls aged 2 to 8.  The flutter sleeves are so sweet - just enough sun protection for the shoulders, but not restrictive in any way, so the littlies can jump, run and flutter to their hearts' content!!
Here are the currently available colourways:


All so fresh and cooling for summer!

These will all be going to the Billycart Markets in Sandgate tomorrow.  The first two are on my website and if you click the pictures, you will be taken directly to their pages.  The last three will be added to the shop once I'm back from the Markets.  If you would like to purchase any before they flutter off tomorrow, just email me with your request.

As with all my stock, once a particular colourway is gone, it's gone!!  Because I sell at various markets around Brisbane, I like to keep my stock fresh and new, so make one set only in each colourway in sizes 2-4-6-8.  This ensures exclusivity of all my designs and keeps my stall looking pretty with lots of colour ;)  The two middle designs are available in sizes 2 and 6 only (Hot pink Fireworks design) and sizes 4 and 8 only (Aqua/pink design).  Levels are also starting to run low on the top two designs.

I hope you all have a very pleasant weekend wherever you are in the world!

Take care,
Fiona  xx

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