Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First market day

Last Sunday was our first ever Boutique Market day and what a wonderful time we had!  Although a shower or two were predicted, the sun shone and the weather was gorgeous.  Thank you to everyone who visited Nicobelle Design - I met some lovely new customers and fellow stallholders but unfortunately was too busy to make any of my own purchases this time (a big plus in hubby's eyes!!).  With a P&O ship in dock, Portside was abuzz with tourists and visitors all morning and the Markets had a really happy vibe as people browsed the beautiful, and very tempting, wares on display.  Here are a few pictures of our stall before opening time:

Our pom poms seemed to attract the crowds - everybody wanted to buy one!

Winter dresses and tops

Winter skirts

Our knot dresses, which proved to be a big hit

I am already looking forward to the next Boutique Market day - if the first was any indication, we are in for a fun-filled year!!  Sewing has already commenced and I'll provide some sneak peeks of our latest stock soon.


  1. Your stall certainly looks colourful and eye-catching. Glad you enjoyed your first market day, and hope that it was successful for you.

  2. Yes, very colourful and happy - thank you so much!


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