Monday, December 6, 2010

Crafty fun for everyone!

I've enjoyed reading illustrator Jenny B Harris' Allsorts blog for some time now.  Jenny is an extremely talented artisan and offers many free patterns and downloads for readers to try. She also has an etsy shop where she sells embroidery patterns of dolls dressed in traditional folk costumes from all over the world.

One activity on her blog which my younger daughter has delighted in for the last couple of years is the interactive cloth doll figure Zoe.  With a little clicking and dragging of clothes, shoes, hats, etc, children can dress Zoe in different outfits ready for any occasion!  At the moment, Zoe's clothes reflect a Christmas theme, but do change depending on the time of year.

Even more fun (I think!) is the beautiful gingerbread cottage that requires much sweet decoration in the form of candycanes, jellybeans and other delights.

For the littlies (and the big kids amongst us!), Jenny's blog is a wonderful play to visit.  At the moment, there are lots of Christmas crafts ready to download - all clearly written with patterns included.

Well done Jenny for such a wonderful web resource!!  We visit you often and I hope others receive as much pleasure as we do from your blog!

Fiona  xx


  1. Thanks for the link up to her blog. I'm looking forward to visiting her.

  2. Hi, I just found your lovely blog through facebook. You make beautiful things! I'm looking forward to following you. Come visit me at my blog: if you get a chance!


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